Saturday, June 9, 2018

Five on Saturday - June 9, 2018

Happy Saturday! Hope you all had a great week - mine was pretty normal! I'm still surviving on minimal sleep. I don't think Elliott has slept later than 5:00 am since I've been back to work. I really hoping he starts sleeping a little later soon - it's making it really hard to be motivated to do anything else after getting home from work! Ugh.


Do you guys have a running list of "Brands You Want To Try" - I have and I've identified 5 brands that I really want to try in 2018! 
1. Inglot
2. Glossier 
3. Juvia's Place
4. Paul and Joe
5. Kristen Ess

 So Inglot is a brand that sort of intimidates me - it seems to be more designed to pros and I just don't really know where to start and what to try! And, Glossier has been so hyped up - I was going to place an order last year when they announced that they were shopping to Canada, I just haven't done it yet! Juvia's Place has stunning shadows that I've heard are amazing quality. Paul and Joe actually have the cutest cat products so I'm going to need a cat lipstick this year. And, Kristen Ess recently came to and the hype with fellow Canadians was real, so now I need to see if their hair products are as great as they sound! (If you have any recommendations from these brands I would love to hear them...)


On that note - I just picked up my first item to check off one of those brands from my list! 

This is The Saharan Palette from Juvia's Place and I'm soooo excited to try this out! 


Last weekend we went to The Calgary Corn Maze's Baby Animal Festival and it was sooo cute! There were so many little babies - cows, sheep, goats, kittens, ducks, turkeys, rabbits - you name it! There was lots of places to go in and pet the animals and it was too cute! Elliott is just learning animal sounds so he was baaing and mooing away and it was adorable! There is also lots to do at the Corn Maze (for kids a few years older than Elliott - he was a little small!)


So, maybe I cheated a little on my Palette of the Week challenge this week because I used 2! These 2 palettes are actually really similar in terms of shadow shades and I think they both performed well.

The Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Eyeshadow Palette was $48.00 CAN. You can see my whole review of this palette here! There was some drama surrounding the release of this palette and it ended up getting pulled from shelves within days of being released because people were upset with the quality of the palette. I happen to think my palette preformed really well and I quite like it! 

And, this is the original Carli Bybel - 14 Color Eyeshadow & Highlighter Palette from BH Cosmetics and it was $15.99 US. I loved this palette when it was first released and it was easily my go-to neutral palette. 

I haven't actually reached for either of these palette in a while (I buy so much eye shadow, it's hard to remember to reach for my old favorites) and both are really great! If you have them in your collection, don't forget to reach for them! 


I don't talk about my job very often on here because it's not even slightly relevant to beauty at all; but, the last 2 days were really eye opening for me. I took Mental Health First Aid training and it was really to help support co-workers on the job and recognizing symptoms of mental health issues and responding appropriately and spreading the word that mental illness is really a medical condition and we can help. Mental Health is really prevalent in Corrections (or with other First Responders as well) and we see and deal with some really crazy situations; but, there is still that old school mentality that if something bothers or affects you, you can't talk about it or you're weak. Anyways, I hope more people start taking these courses and really open the discussion about mental health.

I hope you all have a great weekend! 

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