Sunday, July 16, 2017

Skincare Sunday - Cherry Blossom Loves with Bodycology and Calgon!

I know it's Summer right now; but, it's not too late to talk about my favorite scents of Spring right?! I really wish that Calgary had it's own Cherry Blossom season, but  I will have to live with Cherry Blossom scents from Calgon and Bodycology!

Skincare Sunday - Cherry Blossom Loves with Bodycology and Calgon!

Calgon Spring Cherry Blossom Fragrance Body Mist ~ $7.99 CAN (price may vary). A warm afternoon basking in the sun with the breeze whispering the sweet notes of spring. Lavishly spritz mist all over body to leave skin lighty scented and sensuously refreshed.

The Calgon fragrance mists bring me back - I still LOVE the Hawaiian Ginger scent! This Japanese Cherry Blossom scent is nice - it's obviously very floral so you have to like floral scents! I enjoy floral scents, so this one works for me!

Calgon Take Me Away! Skin Silkening Spring Cherry Blossom Bubble Bath ~ $5.99 CAN (price may vary). Lie back, relax and let the warm water and luxurious bubbles envelope your body as the Spring Cherry Blossom fragrance takes you away to a warm afternoon basking in the sun. Calgon's unique formula with vitamin E and aloe softens the water and leaves skin soft and moisturized.

The scent of this bubble bath is so good! I find the scent of the this bubble bath a little sweeter than the fragrance! I love a good bubble bath so this will happily get used - and, this is a ton of product for a really great price!

Bodycology Cherish The Moment Fragrance Mist ~ $6.97 CAN (price may vary). Every day will feel like spring with Bodycology Cherish the Moment Fragrance Mist. Blushing cherry blossom blooms with fragrance to produce blissful and radiant scent. 

This again, is very floral -  Cherry Blossom is pretty explanatory! I think if I had to pick between the Calgon and Bodycology, I would pick the Calgon - I find the Bodycology fragrance a little more alcohol smelling than I prefer!  

Bodycology Cherry Blossom Bath Fizzies ~ $6.97 CAN (price may vary). If you're feeling adventurous, enjoy are a fragrant, moisturizing soak with Bodycology's Cherry Blossom Bath Fizzies, new in store for 2017. 

The scent of these bath bombs are nicer than the fragrance! It is more floral smelling, less alcoholy! I love that this came with 8 bath bombs for $7 - great deal! I love my baths, so this will be great (chances are I will mix this with the Calgon bubble bath!)

What are your favorite Spring or Summer scents?

*PR samples featured - all opinions are my own

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