Monday, December 12, 2016

Too Faced White Chocolate Chip Palette - Swatches and Review

Who doesn't need a little dose of chocolate on a Monday?! Today, mine involves the adorable Too Faced White Chocolate Chip palette! 

Too Faced White Chocolate Chip Palette - Swatches and Review

Too Faced White Chocolate Chip palette ~ $32.00 CAN. The delectable White Chocolate Chip Palette features 11 antioxidant-rich, cocoa powder-infused shades with a signature chocolate scent. With a confection of pastels, creamy nudes, and a pop of black, these high-pigment eyeshadows offer true color payoff and a silky smooth finish. 

This packaging is adorable - looks link a mini chocolate bar and has a nice case with a full size mirror - this of course smells as delicious as all their chocolate palettes! 

This palette was released on Sephora on Cyber Monday (November 28, 2016) and like most of the limited edition releases, sold out in minutes. Too Faced also released a Matte Chocolate Chip palette on their website as well. (The White Chocolate is a Sephora exclusive, and the Matte Chocolate is a exclusive)

The Too Faced website says that the Matte Chocolate will be released again December 14, but there is no date for the While Chocolate - it could very well be released again on the same date, so check back if you are interested. I chatted with Sephora customer service and they advised me that they didn't have that particular information, but did know that is was coming back "soon". Unfortunately, with a lot of the Sephora releases a time is not set, so it involves a lot of refreshing or you can also sign up for email notifications, but sometimes those can be a little delayed! 

Too Faced White Chocolate Chip Palette - Swatches and Review

Anyways, back to this adorable little palette - the White Chocolate Chip palette was smaller than a lot of people thought it would be - I was expecting a small palette, so I was not overly surprised by the size (I actually compare sizes/prices a little later in this post so you can see fro yourself). The eyeshadow shades are small - think about finger size per shadow.

Too Faced White Chocolate Chip Palette - Swatches and Review

This palette suggests it will be full of pastels, creamy nudes and a pop of black - I don't have a whole lot of pastel shadows, so to me this is actually a very welcome addition to my little palette collection. I think the pastels should be fun, especially in the Spring time when it is a little easier to do nice, light eye look!

Here are all the shadows, swatched on me with a finger swipe (no primer) in natural light:
Too Faced White Chocolate Chip Palette - Swatches and Review

I actually quite like how this palette swatched - I was worried because there have been quite a few negative reviews on the quality of the shadows. I did not find them overly chalky or lacking pigmentation (there were a couple that weren't as pigmented as the rest, which is evident in the swatches). 

I will say, the shimmer shadows did have some fall out, but I quite like the finish of them. I thought the mattes were a little muted, but they are beautiful shades and can easily build up. There are a few shadows that are similar shades, but did have different finishes. There are a few shades that are not as pigmented as some people may like, but the shadows are soft, buildable and blendable. 

I really like the colours included - if pastels and light nudes aren't your thing, I would suggest you might not like this palette. Also, some of the shadows included have been featured in the Too Faced Chocolate bar palettes - this is meant to be a condensed version of some of the palettes, making it more travel friendly. Also, they have changed the finish of some of the shadow shades! 

I did see a lot of complaints regarding the size of the packaging - I'm not taking sides, I am just showing comparable palettes and price points to show what you are getting if you plan on purchasing this palette! 
Too Faced White Chocolate Chip Palette - Swatches and Review

Top right hand corner is a basic pack of gum - I though everyone knows how big a pack of gum is so it would be an easy comparison to make! 

-Tarte Tartlette Tease palette ~ $25.00 CAN. Slightly smaller, with only 6 shadows that are bigger. 
-Too Faced White Chocolate Chip palette ~ $32.00 CAN. Smallish size, about the size of a pack of gum. Contains 11 smaller sized shadows. 
-Too Faced Peanut Butter and Jelly palette ~ $49.68 CAN. Bigger, with 9 shadows included. 
-Too Faced Sweet Peach palette ~ $59.00 CAN. Much bigger, includes 18 shadows. Same size as the Too Faced Chocolate bar palettes.

I will let you draw your own conclusion about the palette - but I do like to try and review products like this thoroughly (especially with a second release coming soon!) If you are like me and don't own the Chocolate Bar palettes, this might be a good way to dip your toes in to these palettes! Also, I don't own a lot of pastel shades so for me, this palette offers something new! 

I can understand some of the concerns with this palette - it is slightly smaller than expected and compared to other palettes around it's size, it is a little more expensive. It does have more shadows than similar size palettes, but the shadow sizes are also smaller. There has been some concern with the pigmentation, so you should check swatches from others as well to get a better picture! 

I am happy with my purchase! Are you planning on buying this palette when it re-launches? 

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