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Skincare Sunday - Les Soins de Jacynthe (Maison Jacynthe) Beauty Essentials Trio Review

I love discovering Canadian brands, especially when they are 100% natural as well! Les Soins de Jacynthe was developed in Quebec by Jacynthe Rene, an actress, producer and author. She has an online magazine, where she focuses on diet, health, and natural beauty. 

Les Soins de Jacynthe joined PETA's "Beauty Without Bunnies Program" as one their cruelty free companies. 

Les Soins de Jacynthe Beauty Essentials Trio Review

Beauty Essentials Trio ~ $130.20. Use cleansing oil to cleanse and remove makeup. Rinse. Spray floral water and while the skin is still damp, apply serum. Don’t forget your eyes and neck. Morning and evening. No creme needed.

This is Jacynthe's beauty ritual and her beauty essentials. These products are designed to be used as a full routine on most skin types! 

Here is a look at the products individually:
Les Soins de Jacynthe Beauty Essentials Trio Review

Cleansing Oil ~ $28.35 for 50ml (featured in this set is 100 ml). Cleansing and purifying oil composed of jojoba and apricot oils, sea buckthorn CO2, bourbon, geranium rosa, ylang ylang and sandalwood oils. It cleans and removes makeup gently and thoroughly without irritating the skin. This mixture also regulates sebum. Recommended for acne-prone skin because it is active without irritating the skin (irritation causes more sebum).

I love incorporating a cleansing oil in to my routine, especially in my nighttime skincare routine. I always apply my to my skin dry and then rinse off. 

Les Soins de Jacynthe Beauty Essentials Trio Review

This cleansing oil is quite orange and it worked really well! It removed my makeup with ease and it cleansed my skin really well. It was gentle and smelled really good! 

Les Soins de Jacynthe Beauty Essentials Trio Review

Floral Water - Bulgarian Rose ~ $21.00 for 100 ml (pictured here). Spray gently on your skin before applying the serum (your skin will absorb it better).

I am a big fan of using mists in my skincare routine - they always make my skin feel so refreshed. This floral water is so great - it makes my skin feel amazing! The spray on this bottle is so gentle and fine, so it sprays lightly and evenly all over the face. This helps your serum absorb better and makes my skin feel extra moisturized! 

Les Soins de Jacynthe Beauty Essentials Trio Review

Jacynthe's Serum ~ $49.35 for 15 ml (pictured here). Powerful all natural serum that brings together the finest ingredients for the skin (evening primrose oil, borage, buckthorn & Rosehip CO2 extracts, sandalwood, rose, natural vitamin E and rosemary oleoresin). Brings softness, tone, regeneration, elasticity, and vitality to your skin. Jocelyne is 62, she has been using it for 22 years and her skin looks healthy and youthful.

This serum is surprisingly orange as well - but blends in immediately transparent in to the skin. It absorbs quickly in to the skin and makes my skin feel smooth and soft. A little bit of serum goes a long way on the skin and this was really great to use! 

Overall, I was really impressed by the Les Soins de Jacynthe's Beauty Essential Trio - I have been using these products since receiving them and have visibly noticed a difference in my skin. My skin is smoother, softer, and less blemished after using all of these products! The serum really works to deliver results, but if I had to pick my favorite, it is the Bulgarian Rose Floral Water! These have all worked really well and I love that they are Canadian, cruelty-free, and all natural! 

Update November 2016 - Les Soins de Jacynythe is now Maison Jacynthe! (same brand and same product, with a new name!)

*products provided in exchange for review - all opinions are my own

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