Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Manicure Monday Halloween Nails - Skeleton Skull Nails

Time for another Manicure Monday (so I did these last night and didn't post - I'm really good at that!) I love doing Halloween nails - this week I am going with skull nails!!! 

I sadly forgot to take a picture of what I used, so here goes:

  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear "White on"
  • Color Club Neon Pink (only if you want a pink accent nail)
  • Black Nail Art polish
  • Nail dotting tool
  • Formula X nail cleanser and base coat
  • Juelp topcoat
Here are the steps I followed for my skull nails:
1. Nail Cleanser and Base Coat 
2. 2 coats of base polish in white (for fun, I added 1 pink nail)

3. Using the black nail art polish (or a black polish and nail art pen), create a curved line on both sides of nail and fill in

4. Using the black nail art polish, create teeth by making 3 to 4 small lines inbetween black area

5. Using the small side of a nail dotting tool, directly over the teeth, make 2 small dots for nostrils. Then, using the big end of the dotting tool, create to eyes above nostrils

6. Repeat on all nails 
7. Let dry WELL (I didn't really follow my own advice), and then apply topcoat

Again, here is my finished product:

Ahhh, I LOVE how these turned out!!!

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