Tuesday, September 16, 2014

September 2014 Ipsy Glambag - Review and Unboxing

Ipsy is one of the inexpensive beauty bag subscriptions. They send you 4-5 deluxe sample size or full size products each month. The cost is $10 US + $4.95 shipping to Canada (I spent $16.75 with the exchange rate). Ipsy is generally makeup products with a mix of skin, nail, and hair products based on a beauty profile you complete. There is usually 12-18 products that are selected from each month! You can view your "glam room" online that tells you all the products you will receive each month (I really like to keep it a surprise so I don't check ahead of time!)

Ipsy shipped really fast again this month! 

Here is a look at my September 2014 Ipsy Glambag:

This month's theme is "Street Style" - the little bag is cute, not my favorite but I'm sure I will find a use for it! 

Here is a closer look at the products inside:

Be a Bombshell Smooth Criminal Powder ~ the full size is $12 but there is no indication of the weight on any site so I am just going out on limb to say this is maybe half the size of the full size product, so I will value it at $6 (sample size is 4g - and if anyone knows the weight of the full size product, I would love to know!). Anyways this is a matte finishing powder - wear over top of foundation or alone to smooth out pores and lines. This is very soft & I like the matte finish - my current finishing powder is more shimmery so I like having a matte option too!

Cailyn Art Touch Tinted Lip Gloss #09 "Basic Instinct" ~ full size $19. This formula is actually realllly nice, smooth and not sticky at all and scent free. I am really sad with the Basic Instinct color - it looks nice in this photo but it is very orange on me. I actually had to put it on twice to make sure I didn't like it. 

Pacifica Natural Waterproof Eye Pencil in "fringe" ~ the full size is $11, again the website does not list the weight of the full size product, so I will say it is half the size and value you it at $5.50. Fringe is brown - it does go on very smoothly. It was a little smudgy but didn't come off under water. 

LeeAnni Eco 3 in 1 Revolution Light ~ sample size 0.5 oz for $3.75 (full size is 4 oz for $29.98). Leeanni is vegan & natural brand. This product is a toner, serum & moisturizer all in one. It is a "lighter" version of their original product and it is best for normal to oily skin in the summer. I am not a huge fan of combination products - I have oily skin so I feel like they do not do enough for my skin! I am not going to swatch this and find someone to give it to!

Briogeo "Don't Despair, Repair!" Deep Conditioning Mask ~ sample size 1 oz for $4.95 (full size is 5.25 oz for $26). Free of additives and this unique complex of targeted ingredients helps increase hair elasticity and moisture to prevent breakage, promotes healthy shine and luster, and replenishes strength. I love hair masks so I am excited to try it - this product smells great too!

So for around $16 I received 5 products with an approximate value of $39.20. The value was there this month, so I most sad the most valuable item is not my color. This wasn't my favorite bag, just because the skin care product is not for me but I will use 3 of the products.

What did you get in your September Ipsy Glam Bag? 

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