Wednesday, May 21, 2014

May 2014 Your Bijoux Box - Review and Unboxing

Yay!!! My second monthly subsription box has arrived - and this time it is jewellery!!!

There is so many jewellery and accessory boxes out there to pick from - it was hard to decide which ones I wanted to try! (watch for a future post on all the types of these boxes)
I decided on Your Bijoux Box because it looked like it sent out a really great mix of statement pieces and everyday pieces! Also you will get 2-3 pieces every month with a $70 value but you do not get the option to customize - everyone gets the same box!

Your Bijoux Box is $35 a month + $6 shipping (with the exchange rate I paid $45.87 Canadian) 
You can also save a little money if you sign up for 3 months it is $99, 6 months is $195, and 12 months is $380.
Also - you can cancel your supscription before the 1st of the month, and there is not wait list to re-subscribe. If you want to test it out you can sign up for a 1 month gift so they don't keep charging you if you forget to cancel! 

Anyways - to the box! ( i have no photo of the cute little blue box with a little quote inside because when i picked it up from my mail box it was half soggy - eww but it didn't effect the contents inside so i'm not to worried about it!)

Each item is sent in a little black bag annnnnd.... here is what I got:
The XOXO Bracelet and Necklace Set & The Corsica Confetti Collar

My first reaction was AH! that XO necklace is too shiny and not really my style - but i put it on and my opinion changed, i actually think it is quite cute!

See - cute! I like this piece. Your Bijoux Box sends a little card out and describes wearing the set together for a special occasion or wearing them seperate for everyday wear. This necklace may be a little too shiny for me for everyday wear but i will find an occasion to wear it to!
Here is the bracelet too:

And the third piece is AMAZING! I love this necklace - it is perfect for everyday wear (even to work) and can be easily dressed up with a nice blouse or dress! I'm looking forward to wearing this one! This is the Corsica Confetti Collar:

For my first box - i thought I got pretty good value for my money. On the website it explains that each necklace is minimally worth $35, mostly upwards of that. In a few months if they have leftovers, they sell them for a discounted price and you can add it to your next box!

They don't have links for members so just go to their website if you are interested in joining : Your Bijoux Box

What did you think of the May Your Bijoux Box? Do you get a monthly jewellery subscription you love? I would love to hear about it!

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