Sunday, April 5, 2020

What Makes Me Happy - Keep Calm And Tag On

How is everyone doing this weekend? I hope you are all hanging in there! I'm still trying to keep my head up and stay positive! I still have to go to work every day as an essential service, but otherwise we are staying pretty quiet at home! 

What Makes Me Happy - Keep Calm And Tag On
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I just saw this "What Makes Me Happy" Tag over on Abby Williamson's youtube channel and I believe the original creator of the tag is Kara C. and you can see her video here

I thought this would be a good tag because it covers relaxation, food, music and beauty! A little bit of everything and who doesn't need a little pinch of happiness right now?! Also, I've been doing basic makeup for work everyday, but it's been a little hard otherwise to play and be really creative for fun looks. I've been keeping it pretty natural while I'm at home! 

What Makes Me Happy - Keep Calm And Tag On

1. What is your favourite way to relax and unwind?

If we are going super basic - a candle, a good book, and a glass of wine or a cup of tea! (Depends on the night!) But if there is time for a little more, we can add a little more to that, add a face mask and a bubble bath! If you want a few awesome product recommendations for a self-care night, you can check out my Cozy Winter Self-Care Night post here! 

But, right now I'm drinking a Pinot Noir, reading I'm Not Really A Waitress, and burning the Voluspa Mokara Mini Candle in Decorative Tin

2. What is your favourite comfort food?

Hello, my name is Renee and I'm a foodaholic - no seriously though, I have a pretty wide range of comfort food! And by comfort food, I think of junk food. No carrots and cucumbers make me feel better when I need some comfort! 

Some nights I love nothing more than chips, tortilla chips and queso dips are the best and other nights all I need is cookies or chocolate! 

3. ASMR: creepy or relaxing?

I hardly know what ASMR, but it's just people talking weirdly for some "spine-tingling" response, but I think it's creepy. 

What Makes Me Happy - Keep Calm And Tag On

4. Who is your rock?

Am I allowed to be my own rock right now?! No seriously, I guess at this point we are keeping ourselves together pretty well! But, my husband Mitch and I are very much relying on each other right now, so I guess I would say he is my rock - we certainly know with both kids at home it's going to be a little more trying on both of us and we really need to be there for each other. Also, my oldest son, Damian is being a really solid help at home and it's been really great. Also, wine, that can be my third rock right?! 

5. What color makes you happy?

PINK! Clearly, this blog is named after the colour and it does make me happy whenever I see it! I don't actually wear a lot of colour, I'm pretty typically in black but pink is by far my favourite colour! 

What Makes Me Happy - Keep Calm And Tag On

6. What part of your makeup routine do you find relaxing?

I don't actually think that my makeup routine is relaxing - it's a pretty basic task on an everyday basis. I do like doing fun looks, but it's not really relaxing to me. 

I actually think certain parts of my skincare routine are very relaxing! I love applying a nice body oil or body lotion after a shower or bath! I have been loving the Rocky Mountain Soap Co. Lavender Body Oil and the Lush "Sleepy" Hand and Body Lotion. I also really love masking - who doesn't love laying back with a sheet mask on?! Also, I've been loving using a cleansing balm so much, that I've been finding removing my makeup at the end of the day - it's so calming to clean away the day and the Indeed Labs Watermelon Melting Balm has been helping so much with that! 

7. What beauty product sparks joy for you?

I have a lot of products that spark joy; but, I'm finding it a little hard right now to find that "spark" with beauty products at the moment. My favourite products have always been eyeshadow palettes - they are the part of makeup that I love to play with the most! I do also love my glitters; but, again, I'm having a hard time feeling really joyous with makeup right now. It's hard to do with nowhere to go and nothing to do - I still intend on shopping my stash and playing with my collection!

8. What TV shows/podcasts are you currently bingeing?

Is there anyone that's not going to answer Tiger King to this question because you need to watch it! I've also been getting back in to old shows - I'm slowing getting through Gossip Girl (I used to watch this all the time and stopped, so I don't know how everything ends. I'm part way through season 2 right now). I also recently watched all the Queer Eyes and loved them. And, I've been watching a little bit of Locke and Key, but not binging - I'm trying to feel it out right now! 

I don't listen to a ton of podcasts, I'm more of an audiobook person, and if you are curious what I'm reading I always have an up-to-date list on my Goodreads

9. What song/artist/genre always gets you pumped up?

Again, I'm going to sound like a little old lady here; but, I don't listen to a ton of new music - I honestly listen to the news and then my audiobooks whenever I'm driving.

But, I do keep up with Taylor Swift's new music and when I need a little break, I always put on her music! Then if I really need to get pumped up, I will listen to some old school Britney Spears too! 

10. Who makes you happy on YouTube?

Since, I'm adapting this Youtube tag to a blog, I'm going to answer with Youtube and Blogs! I don't watch a ton of Youtube, but I do have a few people who's videos I watch all of and they are both people I know from the old Canadian Beauty Bloggers group - Makeup Your Mind and Samantha Jane. I also really enjoy Samantha Ravndahl and Angelica Nyqvist

For blogs I always enjoy Cosmetic Proof, Chantal's Corner, and Prairie Beauty Love.

What Makes Me Happy - Keep Calm And Tag On

I do hope everyone is remembering to take some time for themselves during this really crazy time - I'm sorry to anyone who has lost their jobs or has been affected by Covid-19. I am taking more time for myself and self-care. I find working in a essential service and lots more time at home with kids has been extra stressful. I still want to focus on beauty content here, but again, it's a little hard to be really inspired with makeup, so there might be a little more skincare and self-care posts, since that's what I've been focusing on the most right now! 

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