Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Wine + Mask Wednesday (Silkscarf Riesling + LoveMore Wild Yam Silk Mask Review)

Time for another Wine + Mask Wednesday!! This week my theme is "Silk". 

Ah - a silk mask sounds totally indulgent! 

Here is a look at the Wine of the Week:

Silkscarf Riesling 2013 ~ $20.00. This is a Gold winning wine and it is sold out! 

Silkscarf is a Summerland winery and is found along the "Bottleneck Drive" wine route. This is a smaller estate winery but they have delicious wines! 

Here is a look at the wine:

This wine is nice and light! It is so refreshing and delicious - it is very fruitful and crisp. 

Here is a look at my mask pairing:

Lovemore Ginseng Wild Yam Sheet Mask ~ $4.78 ($23.90 for 5). Love More from Taiwan Wild Yam Firming Mask Sheet is composed with high quality deep ocean water as the main base, with added in selected top grade plant extracts and traditional formulation from all over Taiwan and then combine varies professional ingredients. It might not be the most expensive, but it provides the skin's most desired and sought-after nutrition. Skin is left healthier looking and more radiant. 

My Mask Genie Lovemore pouch has finally arrived - I have been waiting forever (you can expect my un-pouching soon). I think these may have been held up at customs a little longer than some of the other packages! Lovemore masks are 100% silk - I don't know about you but to me, that sounds amazing! 

Here is how the mask opens:

The mask comes with protective layers on both sides and is very thin as you peel it out! I can take a little time to apply properly to the face as the material is a little finicky! 

You use it the same way as most sheet masks: wash face, tone skin, apply mask and leave on for desired time (this one suggested 10-15 minutes), remove, complete skincare routine.
Here is a look:

All I can say is wow! This mask is so soft, it is amazing! This was not the most moisturizing mask, but skin appearance was improved and felt better (it did have a slightly yam-y smell to it!) Love this! I am happy I tried this out! 

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