Friday, August 14, 2015

Five on Friday - August 14, 2015

Wooowwweeee - this week has been busy!! I am looking forward to this weekend! 


Eeeeek!! New nail stickers!! I got these "I Do" stickers for the wedding nails I have planned! 


Lush just announced this week that they are introducing 2 new Fresh Face Masks: "Rosey Cheeks" and "Don't Look At Me"!!! I am so excited to try these out - I love all the other Lush masks I have tried! 


Have you guys heard that Sephora announced that they are starting a new subscription box - Play?!?! Ugh, this will only be available in a couple American cities but fingers crossed I can get it shipped to my American address! I love this!! 


A new Canadian subscription!!! This one is called Baker's Krate and is a dessert box! Mmmm... I love Canadian companies and I love dessert so this is awesome! 

I can't believe it is 2 weeks before me wedding!!! This weekend really feels like crunch time!! I have a lot of shopping to do and start all the little details!! I have a feeling these 2 weeks are going to fly by!! 

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!! 


  1. I saw that email about the Lush masks too. :) I've never tried any masks from Lush, but I heard good things about them. I think I would love Rosey Cheeks! Baker's Krate seems...different. :P

    1. Yes those Lush masks are worth a try - i'm addicted!!