Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Wine + Mask Wednesday (St Hubertus Chasselas and Lovemore Rhodiola)

Wine and Mask Wednesday - this week's theme is going to be "floral"! Here is a look at my Mask of the Week:
Lovemore Rhodiola silk face mask

Lovemore Rhodiola Antioxidant & Brightening Sheet Mask ~ $7.50US for 5 masks. 
I received this mask in the Mask Genie Lovemore Mask Pouch - this was a limited edition pouch and featured all Lovemore Silk masks! I have reviewed one more previous Lovemore mask and really enjoyed - you can see the full review here

The Lovemore masks are an amazing texture - the silk feels unreal on the skin! 

This mask applies like most other sheet masks: wash and tone skin, apply mask, leave on for approx. 20 minutes, remove mask, pat in remaining essence, and complete skincare routine. 

This mask is a little different - it comes with 3 layers. When you remove it from the package, you remove the thick white layer and apply the layer underneath directly to the face. Once you apply that layer, you will have a top layer (blue in color) to remove and smooth the mask over the skin.

This mask fits really well and is soooo soft. It has just the right amount of essence and adheres very well to the face. It lasted over 45 minutes on the skin and was amazing! My skin felt really great after using this!! i am very happy with the Lovemore masks! 

And here is the floral wine I paired with my floral mask!
St Hubertus Chasselas

St Hubertus Chasslas ~ $20-$25. This is the quintessential Swiss wine, perfect for your fondue or raclette party at the ski chalet. Delicate and refreshing, with grassy floral notes on the nose, it is light-bodied and finishes with the freshness of lemon zest. 

St Hubertus is is winery in Kelowna, B.C. - another I visited while touring around on my bachelorette party! This winery is in a beautiful location and the vineyards are vast; I really enjoyed my visit to this winery! 

I forgot to take a picture of this wine, but the wine was very light in colour and quite light to drink as well! I certainly got the citrus finish at the end that made the wine crisp and refreshing! The grapes are quite different than most B.C. wineries and I love finding wines that are unique and delicious! I really enjoyed it and would definitely drink it again! 

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