Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Ajani Cosmetics Soft Matte Lipstick - Review and Swatches

Ajani Cosmetics is a brand I had not heard about until I saw a Buzzfeed article called "13 Under-The-Radar Beauty Brands You'll Wish You Knew About Sooner"

Of all the brands featured, there were a couple reasons I was drawn to Ajani - they are Canadian, their products are vegan and cruelty free, and every product is made in small handmade batches! 
Ajani Cosmetics soft matte lipstick review

I ordered 2 Soft Matte Lipsticks - each Soft Matte Lipstick is $11.00 CAN. Shipping is $5.95 flat rate to Canada and the U.S. They currently have a 3-4 day turnover time, which I don't mind waiting for handmade cosmetics! I found the items were processed and shipped quickly! 

Ajani Cosmetics soft matte lipstick review

Mauve Over"Mauve Over" is one of our most popular shades! This gorgeous mauve shade looks amazing on all skin tones. Wear it as your everyday lippie, or dress it up for a sultry night time look.

Berry Bossy "Berry Bossy" is the perfect shade for the lady who doesn't take "NO" for an answer. She is the BOSS & she calls all the shots!

These lipsticks come in a twist bottom tube with a brush applicator. I will say, personally that these are not my favorite type of packages, but I know some people that really like them better (this is just personal preference). I like an applicator wand just for a little more control.

Ajani Cosmetics soft matte lipstick review mauve over berry bossy

The formula of the lipsticks were a little different from each other. Both lipsticks are very pigmented and applied smoothly on my arm. 
Ajani Cosmetics soft matte lipstick review mauve over

"Mauve Over" applied beautifully to both my arms and lips! It went on smooth and wore beautifully. I actually really love this color even though it is not something I normally reach for! I think that it would be flattering on many skintones.

This matte lipstick is not like most matte lipstick formulas and that is something to keep in mind - it does not fully dry on the lips so it wears more like a lipstick but with a matte finish (hence the name soft matte). It does not dry out the lips at all which is great. However, this does mean it is a moveable lipstick and will slowly move off the lips or could smudge if you rub it. 

Now, I love this formula on my lips - I like that it is matte, but not drying. But just worth pointing out if people are looking for a true matte lipstick that dries and stays put on the lips. 
Ajani Cosmetics soft matte lipstick review berry bossy

"Berry Bossy" applied a little patchy to me. On my arm, I wanted to show pigmentation and application with 1 swatch. I liked the color but it did not apply consistently. It was a little easier to apply to my lips, but you can see it is still a little patchy on my lips. This color needs a lip liner as well so it does not bleed. 

It is a gorgeous shade! I would put on a second coat to cover the patchiness! But, again this formula does not dry and harden on the lips so the color will move if rubbed.

I will say of the 2 shades I tried, I prefer "Mauve Over". I will say overall, I was generally happy with the 2 lipsticks I used - I think $11 is a great price point for liquid lipsticks!  I would try more shades from this brand. I like that the formula is not drying on my lips, but the finish is matte. 

Have you tried any Ajani products before? 


  1. That sucks to hear about the application on Berry Bossy, it's a gorgeous shade. :(

    1. Yes it is gorgeous - I will still probably layer it up and wear it!