Thursday, May 5, 2016

Wine + Mask Wednesday (Skin Soop Sheet Mask + Prospect Winery Pinot Noir)

Time for Wine and Mask Wednesday (on a Thursday) - sorry I promise next week's post won't be delayed! It has been a crazy week with 5 am wakeups and my laptop has not been cooperating with me so it has been super slow and I have not been able to get much done in a timely fashion! 

There is no theme to this week's Wine and Mask - I put on the mask and thought I would some common ground on the internet. Turns out, there is literally nothing about this brand/mask online and I can't even see where I got it from?! Must have been an ebay add-on or something! 

Skin Soop Paeonia Lactiflora Oriental Therapy Sheet Mask

Skin Soop Paeonia Lactiflora Oriental Therapy Sheet Mask ~ most sheet masks are $1-$5. 

The basis for this mask is "Paeonia Lactiflora" which is basically the root of an Eastern type of peony. Paeonia Lactiflora is said to have antioxidant qualities which reduce inflammation, heal dark spots, soften and moiturize the skin - it is common in Chinese Traditional Medicine. (sources - here and here).

Skin Soop Paeonia Lactiflora Oriental Therapy Sheet Mask

This mask applies like all other sheet masks - wash face, tone skin, apply mask, leave on for 20-30 minutes, remove mask, pat remaining essence in to skin, and complete skincare routine.

Skin Soop Paeonia Lactiflora Oriental Therapy Sheet Mask

I thought this mask fit my face well. It had the perfect amount of essence to leave it nice and saturated but not too saturated that the essence was dripping off. This mask lasted quite a while and I found my skin just a teeny-tiny bit tingly with it on, but not uncomfortably or in a bad way. I love how this made my skin feel after using it - I have a few spots I could visibly see reduced and my skin felt great! I actually wish I could find this mask as I was really happy with the results.

Here is my Wine of the Week:
prospect winery fats johnson pinot noir

Prospect Winery Fats Johnson Pinot Noir 2012 ~ $17.99. Fresh strawberry, cherry and delicate touches of spice. 

This is an Okanagan winery and they have really great stories behind the names of their wine - Fats Johnson is a story about a neighbour who put donuts on a long pole and handed them out to children as they went by on their bikes. 

prospect winery

They also feature 3 different labels on all their wines to showcase as many artists as they can! 

prospect winery fats johnson pinot noir

This is a little deeper of a Pinot Noir than I normally prefer, but it is still a good wine. I prefer my red wines a little lighter and fruiter - I would certainly say for a Pinot Noir, this is a little deeper and spicier than I normally go for! Now, this is still a lighter Red Wine, don't get me wrong - I did enjoy it! Just not my usual choice.  


  1. If this reduced your spots Im definitely going to pick it up! Lord knows I could use that haha