Sunday, May 22, 2016

Skincare Sunday - Skin18 Blogger Pack Review (Rant + Warning!)

I really contemplated posting this review - the review of my Skin18 blogger pack was to go up today; however, I had some very bad dealings with the company prior to this review and I thought it only fair that my readers should be warned! 

I do not often do negative reviews at all (it is not how I like to present this blog) but this is a very different scenario than what I normally encounter! offers a mask subscription and a shop to buy skincare products. They are based in Hong Kong and focus on k-beauty products. They reached offered a blogger program for blogs to review - you start with one package and continue to receive them if they are happy with your reviews. 

They shipped the packages on March 22. The package took well over a month to receive (although if you have ever have had any products shipped from China/Korea/Hong Kong this is not an uncommon wait time). Here is a look at the products I received:
skin18 blogger review

My blogger package came with 2 masks, 1 nose clearing 3-step program, 1 nose strip and 1 set of eye gels. 

My plan was to review all these masks in the same review post so that you could get a sense of the quality of the products they will be sending (4 of the 5 products I have never heard of the brand before!)

The first issue arose when early in May when we received an email from the PR rep of the company who sent out an email to all the bloggers and did not privatize everyone's emails - lucky me I have been receiving emails that I am not interested in now thanks to that. In this email the PR rep was telling everyone not to complain in their posts about the shipping time. I did not like this suggestion at all - if a product takes a while to ship, then buyers should be made aware of this (again, most buyers would know the potential wait time of products from Hong Kong, but some may not and should be fairly advised).

I thought I would ignore the mistakes in this email and continue to review my products. On May 17 I received a very long email from the company. It essentially summed up that everyone needed to get their posts up soon or they will think you were just looking for free products. The email also posted a list of the company's favorite reviewers - then it said if you were just an "ok" blogger you wouldn't get as good of a package as those who were better. Here are a few snippets of the email just to give you guy's an idea (it was a very long email)

I was really displeased with this email overall - I didn't like a whole list of bloggers being posted as the best (I checked and quite a few just took pictures of the masks and did not review the quality of everything) This isn't the way I review anything and I was not happy with it. I made the decision to let the company know that based on how they were treating their reviewers I was not interested in working with them any further. This is not something I have ever done before! Here is the email I sent:

It may be slightly bitchy but I was really unhappy with the way the company had approached everything! Shortly after, instead of the PR rep responding, here is an email I received from the Owner of

I will let the email speak for itself. I will not reply to the company, nor will they receive a single penny from me. If you are looking for a website to buy k-beauty products, there are plenty out there (try ebay, RoseRose Shop, etc - there is plenty based in the US and Canada for quicker shipping). If you are looking for a mask subscription, check out Mask Genie or Beauteque Mask Maven).

I know this is supposed to be a Skincare Review post, but I will review the masks I tested out on my Month in Masks posts. 


  1. They have the nerve to call YOU unprofessional?! That email they sent is absolutely ridiculous and unprofessional. And then to throw your stats at you, like you are not worth their time?! Wow. I am disgusted by their response and I will never order anything from them in the future.

    1. Yes - I like how my stats got thrown out there. I am comfortable with my level of blogging so it's fine, I feel like I do alright for a part time blog. But no one deserves to be berated and talked down too, that's why I finally decided that this needed to be written!

  2. Wow I am so sorry they treated you so rudely! Sounds like something Natasha Denona or someone from Morphe would send out. Honestly their products probably aren't anything to write home about so I doubt you'll regret severing ties like that. They wouldn't be bribing bloggers like that if they were any good. Still looking forward to more of your mask reviews, though! I trust your opinions even more now after this post haha

    1. Thanks - I really appreciate that last sentence. I have always wanted my readers to know that I will always say the absolute truth - there is no sugar coating here!

  3. Wow, I'm appalled at the way they have treated you. I have bought masks from them before, mainly because they are cheap but they're nothing to write home about and they can definitely count me out as a customer from now on. It's clear that you spend a lot of time and effort on your reviews, which is commendable considering your also working and looking after a family! I'm really glad you posted this but boy am I mad on your behalf!!

    1. Thanks Sarah - I appreciate all the kind words! I was not pleased with how this company treated me and I imagine they will do it to other customers as well.