Saturday, April 30, 2016

April 2016 - Scratch Monthly Mani Kit Review

Scratch has 2 subscription options:
Each subscription also includes little extra goodies - polish, tools, etc.

I chose the Kit option, here is how Scratch describes the Monthly Mani Kit:
"For only $10 a month, each kit includes one set of wraps (already a $12 value), and extras like polish, charms and nail art tools (a total value of over $20). Signing up is a no brainer when you're saving this much."

Of the 3 monthly nail wraps featured in the Monthly Box, you pick which style you would like for your Kit! 

Here is a look at the April Monthly Mani Kit:

April 2016 - Scratch Monthly Mani Kit Review

This month I selected the adorable Unicorn wraps and the Kit came with 2 extra goodies! 

Here is a closer look:
April 2016 - Scratch Monthly Mani Kit Review

Scratch Nail Wraps "Unicorn" ~ $12.00. 

How adorable are these little unicorn wraps?! I love them - can't wait to use them! 

April 2016 - Scratch Monthly Mani Kit Review

B.M.C. Nail Laquer Quick Liner in "Scarlet" ~ $1.73 (set of 6 for $10.39). Each bottle comes with a long, thin, and pointed, striper brush to allow you to make beautiful stripes, sexy curves, and exquisite polka dots.

I was surprised to see such a bright red in the set - usually the colors they put in are related to the wraps that are in the Kit. I would have like to see this in a pick, but I am happy that this is a nail art polish. 

Nail Art Brush ~ approx. $2.00. 

This is small angled polish brush - smaller than what I normally use, but this will be great for specific nail art looks. This obviously came broken, but I'm not going to bother to ask for a replacement, this will still be usable. 

Monthly Mani Kit came with 3 items and a value of $15.73. This is around the same value the kits have come with in the past. This is not a kit I subscribe to all the time, but every few months when I love the featured wraps! 

If you are interested in seeing some past reviews on the wraps and kits, you can go here; and, if you are interested in signing up for either the Monthly Mani Kit or the Monthly Mani Box, you can click on the links! (I find the Mani Kit a little hard to find on the website!)

Have you tried this subscription yet?

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