Thursday, March 31, 2016

Wine + Mask Wednesday (Henkell Sparkling Wine + DHC Alpha-Arbutin Mask)

Happy Wine and Mask Wednesday!!! This week's theme is "Bright and Sparkly" - 2 of my favorite things! My mask is bright and my wine is sparkling!

My Mask of the Week is:
DHC Alpha-Arbutin Mask

DHC Alpha-Arbutin White Mask Brightening sheet mask ~ $4.50 per mask. Conditioning DHC Alpha-Arbutin White Mask fights dullness and discoloration from aging and sun exposure. This innovative sheet mask unites scientifically advanced brightener, alpha-arbutin, with mulberry, serine and peony to deliver a continuous dose of this hydrating and radiance-enhancing formula. 

DHC is a Japanese skincare brand and I have not tried their products before! 

DHC Alpha-Arbutin Mask

This mask is applied like most other sheet masks - was and dry face, apply toner, apply mask and leave on for 20 minutes, remove and pat remaining essence in to skin and complete skincare routine. 

The picture on the back shows this mask has some funky tabs at the top.... I don't know what those are for... 

I'm not thrilled with the fit of this mask over all (if you can't tell by how amazing this looks on me!) So the mask material itself is quite thick and is not very shapeable on the skin. Also, this doesn't offer a lot of tabs for a closer fit. And then it's got all these crazy extra tabs (the eye ones I can understand, but the head tabs?! I didn't know what to do with them). 

The mask came with extra essence in the bottom of the pouch (I like to apply that first), but the amount of essence on the mask wasn't right and it did not adhere to my skin well at all - it kept falling off in some spots. I was quite dissapointed with these points overall. Despite all of this, I did like the essence and how my skin felt using this mask. Even though I liked the results, I would not repurchase this mask.

Now, here is my sparkling wine to pair it with:

Henkell Trocken Finest Sparkling Wine - Dry Sec ~ $12.40 for 3 mini bottles (prices always vary per region). Pale straw colour, medium sparkle; lemon and fruit aroma; light body with soft round fruit flavour.

Ugh, I die with how cute these mini bottles of sparkling wine are! (Does that make me sound like I drink too much wine - when I say it's cute?!) 

This is a German wine, that is described as having medium sparkle!

Even though this was a personal sized bottle of wine, I poured it in a glass for you guys (kidding, I was classy and this bottle is 2 glasses of wine). You can see from the picture just a tiny amount of bubbles so it's not overly sparkling. I liked the subtle sparkle and this made it an easy drinking wine. It was sweet, but not too sweet and really delicious! I will be having more of these mini bottles out on the patio this Summer! 

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