Saturday, October 24, 2015

Product Review - Sure Thik Hair Thickening Fibers and Fiber Locking Spray

This product was provided complimentary in exchange for my honest review

Farley Co. partnered with Canadian Beauty Bloggers to offer a few types of hair products for review. I chose to review a different type of product than what I normally do! 

I have naturally thin hair and find it incredibly frustrating! I saw Sure Thik and thought that it sounded promising and easy to use! 

"Sure Thik® is a unique complex of organic keratin protein that has been precision cut with a laser into tiny micro sized fibers. These microscopic hair fibers build upon your existing hair to produce dramatic density, volume and total coverage. SureThik® is made from the same organic keratin protein as your own natural growing hair. It is completely safe and an all natural solution for both men and women."

Sure Thik treatment comes in 2 parts - the hair thickening fibers and the fiber locking spray. Sure Thik can be used for:
  • Perfect for women & men with fine, thin, or thinning hair
  • Covers up scalp, wide parts, thin and thinning hair
  • Non-itchy hypo-allergenic formula
  • No-alcohol, sulfate-free, chemical free
  • Wind, rain & perspiration proof
  • Washes out with shampoo

Sure Thik Hair Thickening Fibers for Black Hair (13g) ~ $29.99. Reduce the appearance of baldness or thinning hair with SureThik Hair building Fibers. The 13 Gram supply typically lasts approx. 3-4 weeks with every day use. Available in a variety of colors to choose from: Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Light Brown, Sandy Blonde, Light Blonde, Gray, and Auburn.

Sure Thik Fiber Locking Spray (250mL) ~ $19.95. Sure Thik fiber-locking spray to be used with Sure Thik Hair Thickening Fiber products for added security & shine.  Spray 2-4 pumps evenly over desired area.  Creates an enhanced bond between natural hair and hair fibers.

How to use:
1. Dry your hair completely 
2. Hold the container 2-3 inches away from scalp for even coverage
3. Slowly shake or tap the bottle over thinning area for the desired thickness
4. Use your fingers or a brush to blend fibers into your hair
5. Use the fiber-locking spray for added security & shine. Spray 2-4 pumps evenly over desired area.

I followed all the directions. Here is a look at my hair prior to using Sure Thik:

While I don't have "thinning" hair (I'm still in my 20's), you can see that my hair is just naturally thin. Here is a look after using the hair thickening fibers:

I can see noticeable results from the hair fibers. I was impressed that they were easy to apply to the hair and I just use my fingertips to blend in. I followed with the fiber locking spray, here is a look:

I have to say, that I was not a fan of the results after the spray - I thought it hardened a little too much and made my hair look a little thinner. I attempted to brush it a little bit and it did not help. 

Overall, I liked the hair thickening fibers and have continued to use them! I have chosen to use them without the locking spray and they look good for the day. I don't find that the fibers fall out or anything, and I like the results I get! Perhaps the hair locking spray works on lighter on more thinning hair than mine! 

If you are interested in purchasing Sure Thik, it is available at Pharmasave, Select IDA, and on

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