Wednesday, September 23, 2015

September 2015 - Magnolia Post Co. ~ New Canadian Clothing Subscription Review

I love new Canadian subscriptions - September is the first month for this subscription! 

Magnolia Post Co. is a wardrobe basics subscription and you will receive 3-4 items monthly! The cost is $100 a month + $14.95 shipping. Here is how the subscription is described:
"Magnolia Post is a fashion discovery service for shopping fanatics. It’s the perfect way to build your wardrobe and introduce yourself to styles you might not have discovered on your own. It was born out of a love for clothing and an excitement for surprise. We want to deliver basic pieces that are on trend and versatile. We want to keep you under budget and build your wardrobe at the same time."

At this time, Magnolia Post Co. does not offer any type of personalization, but you could potentially put in a few notes in the comments section. (I checked out A Year of Boxes as she seems to working closely with them in terms of what items you could expect). 

Here is a look at the September Magnolia Post Co.:

It came in a big envelope and was nicely wrapped up; it also came with a little personalized note! 

For September, Magnolia Post Co. let everyone know there would be a free bonus item in this month's bag:

Fashion Jewelery Bow Necklace ~ approx. $10. 

I love this necklace, which is why I own one already! I will pass this on! 

Here is a look at the clothing for September:

Potter's Pot Women’s Fringe Hem Tank ~ regular price $39.00 (on sale for $18.00). Sheer printed sleeveless top with long fringe at hem and button closure at back neck; under layer required but not included.

This isn't a style that I would wear at all - also this is not the most flattering top on me. 

Unbranded Grey Maxi Dress ~ approx. $40. 

I couldn't find this exact dress online, but my guess would be around $40 for a maxi dress (I may be being slightly generous right now). This is a pretty thin/light maxi dress and will be great for my honeymoon. It is a little weird though that the armpit holes go quite low, like under bra area?! I'm not sure how much use I will get out of it! 

Love Tree Women's Lace Detail Sleeveless Blouse ~ regular price $32 (currently on sale for $11). Gathered pleats and lace add romantic dimension to the front of this sleeveless, semi-sheer blouse made of soft rayon.

Taupe is not a flattering color on me at all; also this style isn't really great for me either. I will pass this on. I'm dissapointed with 2 items being deeply discounted online right now. 

Potter's Pot Midnight Blue Floral Swing Tank ~ $24. A bold floral print enlivens this tank with feminine flair, while lightweight material boasts curve-skimming comfort. A back keyhole cutout accents the look.

I thought this shirt was very cute and was excited to try it! However, it lands a really weird spot - just kind of above the top of your pants so it's in between a belly top and a regular top?! Anyways, it was not at all flattering on me! 

Magnolia Post Co. also announced that a few subscribers could expect an extra surprise scarf in their bag! I was happily surprised that I was one of them:

Love of Fashion Striped Scarf ~ approx. $20. 

I LOVE this item - I have to say this is really the only piece I am truly happy with in this bag. I will get lots of use out if this! 

Magnolia Post Co. came with 4 items (plus 2 bonus items), with a total value of $135.00 - or if you count the sale value approx. around $93. I appreciate that this month the bonus items added value and were great! 

My hope for a September box was that I would receive some transition pieces from fall to summer - instead, I feel like I received mostly discounted Summer pieces?! I'm not thrilled with the first month to be totally honest (I really had my fingers crossed that I would love this subscription) - I liked the pieces that were featured, but did not really receive any of them. 

Additionally, I emailed Magnolia Post Co. the same days as I signed up (close to 2 weeks ago and still have yet to get a reply to my email). I really think that new subscriptions need to focus on customer service when they are trying to establish themselves.

I have chosen not to get October's bag, but I am going to look for reviews and keep my fingers crossed that this subscription improves! I always hope to see Canadian companies succeed and I like the premise of this sub - maybe you will see me resubscribe in a few months if I like what I see! 


  1. This is a great sub idea, but the only item I would use/wear is the scarf - the other pieces are not my style at all. Maybe an accessories subscription would be better instead of clothes.

    1. Yes I was hoping for some great new clothes out of it! I have def. tried the accessory subscriptions before and really enjoyed them - it's a great idea!