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July 2015 - Scratch Monthly Mani Kit Review

I think you all know by now that I am a big fan of Scratch Nail Wraps! 

Scratch has 2 subscription options:

Each subscription also includes little extra goodies - polish, tools, etc.

The Monthly Mani Kit was introduced for June; this is the 2nd Kit! 

Here is how Scratch describes the Monthly Mani Kit:
"For only $10 a month, each kit includes one set of wraps (already a $12 value), and extras like polish, charms and nail art tools (a total value of over $20). Signing up is a no brainer when you're saving this much."

Of the 3 monthly nail wraps featured in the Box, you pick which style you would like for your Kit! 

Here is a look at the July Monthly Mani Kit:

It comes in a bright gold mailer - here is a peek inside:

I love how they make it like opening a little present inside the mailer! Here is a look at the goodies inside:

Oooh, I love that there is a couple extras goodies! Here is a closer look at the products inside:

Fruit Basket Nail Wraps ~ $12.00. These wraps are designed by Chelsea Kent and are awesome!! I like that there is a couple different designs because you know I will do more than 1 mani with these!! 

K M Nail Glue ~ $1.00. In less than three seconds, create a strong bond that lasts with KM Nail Glue. Our glue fuses quickly to the nail and will not peel off. For use with all acrylic, fiberglass, and silk nail applications.

I'm really happy to get nail glue!! I'm too lazy to buy it, but have been using top coat to set anything on to my nails (and it is not good enough!)

Daily Charme Nail Charms "Strawberry" ~ $1.99. These beautiful 3D nail charms are the perfect accessories to your manicure! They are reusable and are curved on the back to fit the surface of your nails.

How cute are these charms?! I love them - they go great with the fruit themed wraps! I'm curious to see if those who ordered the different wraps, got different charms? I will try and look up other reviews, but am very happy I got little strawberries! 

ORLY Mini Lacquer "Thrill Seeker" ~ $5.50. Thrill Seeker is a bright yellow/green crème.

I'm happy they included a polish from a 2015 collection - while I love any polish, I do like to get newer colors instead of older products (when you get old products, it just feels like they are trying to get rid of stock). This color is so awesome and bright; I know it is likely not for everyone but I will wear it! 

For $10, this is a great kit! I received just over $20 worth of goodies (In Canada, with our current exchange rate, I pay closer to $18) so it works out pretty even to what I pay for the subscription.

Again, I can't say how much I love these wraps - they go on so easy and are easy to remove as well! I like the curation of this kit and like the little extras! I am signed up for August too (because I forgot to cancel), but I can't really justify it every month - so I will treat myself once every of couple months to this subscription! 

If you are interested in seeing some past reviews on the wraps, you can go here; and, if you are interested in signing up for either the Monthly Mani Kit or the Monthly Mani Box, you can click on the links! (I find the Mani Kit a little hard to find on the website!)

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