Sunday, June 28, 2015

Skincare Sunday - My Morning & Nighttime (10 Step) Korean Skincare Routine

Happy Skincare Sunday!! Hope everyone had a great weekend - the weather was beautiful here but sadly I woke up Saturday morning and felt very sick! I did not get up to much!

This week I thought for Skincare Sunday I would recap my Skincare Routines! I have seen a few questions about people's Korean Skincare Routines and since I wrote my posts a little while ago, I will share them again!!! 

Nighttime Korean 10-Step Routine
The Nighttime Routine is the big one - we are talking 10 Steps +!
I am just going to list the steps - for me original full & detailed post, go here

Step 1. Make-up Remover
- any type you like (I love wipes because they are so quick!)

Step 2. Cleanser 
- I make this a 2-step routine called Double Cleansing - click here to see my full post!!
- Step 1 - Oil Cleansing
- Step 2 - Foam Cleansing

Step 3. Exfoliate
- *this is not a nightly step* once every 2 weeks is plenty (no more than once per week)

Step 4. Toner/Refresher
- find a moisturizing toner for the stage!

Step 5. Essence 
- this step is essential! Adds moisture and targets specific skin concerns! 

Step 6. Ampoule 
- this is a concentrated essence (also a booster/serum)

Step 7. Sheet Mask
- *this is not a nightly step* Although, if you have the time it can/should be!

Step 8. Eye Cream
- remember to gently pat this around the eye (don't tug on this delicate skin!)

Step 9. Moisturizer 
- I actually make this a 2-step part as well!!! 
- Step 1 - Emulsion (this is just a lighter moisturizer)
- Step 2 - Moisturizer 

Step 10. Night Cream
- also referred to as sleeping mask, sleeping pack, etc. 

That is the basic 10 steps; although, 2 of mine are 2-steps so I do about 12 steps!! It can be a little overwhelming at first but my skin has never looked and felt so good! 

My Daytime Korean Skincare Routine
This is less intense as the Nighttime Routine, and I usually use a few more Western products during the day. I still use lots of layers and Korean products! 
Again, I am just listing the steps here, please go to my original post here for all the details! 

Step 1. Cleanser
- for the morning, I usually use a light cream or gel cleanser

Step 2. Toner
- try to find a moisturizing, non-astringent toner

Step 3. Mist/Water Pack
- I know this step isn't in everyone's routine but I love a quick added hit of moisture!

Step 4. Serum/Booster
- I try to find serums/boosters that are a little lighter than what I use at nighttime

Step 5. Moisturizer
- Again, I do this in 2 steps
- Step 1 - Emulsion
- Step 2 - Moisturizer

So, 5 or 6 steps is much easier to pull off in the morning and skin doesn't feel heavy! 

Hope this helps everyone looking for a straight-forward Korean Skincare Routine! 

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