Sunday, June 14, 2015

Skin Care Sunday - Summer Skin Care Tips

The first day of Summer is fast approaching and while the weather is going to be nice and, we can't forget to take good care of our skin in the hot weather! 

Here are my Top 5 Summer Skincare Tips:

1. Sunscreen (Duh!)
To me, this is a given. But I have heard from a lot of people that they only wear sunscreen to get a "base tan" and then since they are only tanning and not burning after, they think they don't need to wear sunscreen any longer - wrong!!! Any change in skin coloration is a sign of sun damage. I know tans are avoidable if you are out in the sun all day, but you have to keep reapplying the sunscreen all day to protect your skin! 

My advice is to be generous with the sunscreen and protect yourself - apply all over the body (remember the sun's rays go right through clothes, so the best idea is to load up before getting changed!)

On a side note, I read from Fanserviced-B that the new trend of the season is Japanese sunscreen - I did some research and it sounds like they go on amazingly and leave no white residue on skin and work great under make-up! I ordered this kind from Amazon.

2. Stay Hydrated
One of the biggest concerns in the summer is dehydrated skin - the easiest way to avoid this is to drink plenty of water! My advice is that you should not go anywhere in the summertime without carrying a water bottle! Skin can dry out so quickly, which leads to all sorts of bad things! (Not to mention what happens to your body when you get dehydrated)

3. Cool Off With a Refrigerated Facial Mask
It you have not tried putting one of your sheet masks in the fridge before you use it, you are missing out! This is so refreshing - skin is instantly cooled and rehydrated - it is a summertime must-do! 

One of my favorite affordable masks to cool off with is The Face Shop Real Nature Cucumber Sheet Mask - only $2! 

4. Use a Face Mist
Think it looks a little funny to carry a facial mist around and spray it on yourself - you just haven't tried it yet! It is so refreshing to give your self a quick spritz, it is an instant cool down! Giving your skin a little boost of rehydration is always needed, especially if you are out and about all day! 

5. Protect Your Eyes 
While it can be easy to grab an inexpensive pair of sunglasses, it is so important to remember that the sun can damage your eyes! Remember to by a pair of sunglasses with UV protection! Also, the skin around your eyes is so thin and sensitive, you must remember to use an eye cream at the end of the day! 

Now that you have remembered to think about your skin - time to enjoy Summer! 

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