Sunday, April 12, 2015

Skincare Sunday - 5 Simple Tips For Healthy Skin

Time for another Skincare Sunday! Skincare is honestly one of my favourite things and I love have smooth, clear, and healthy looking skin!

This week for Skincare Sunday, I thought I would give you my 5 Simple Tips for Healthy Skin!

1. Drink Plenty of Water

I know this is almost the #1 tip on every website when it comes to healthy skin, and that is because it is the best advice! Drinking the right amount of water will keep your skin hydrated and healthy! 
As per the Dieticians of Canada, women over the age of 18 should minimally have 9 cups of fluid intake (if you live in a hot climate or exercise, more is required!).
Some days I find it is hard to get all the water I need, but the Infuser Bottle from the Summer 2014 FabFitFun box has been a big help - I love flavoured water! My favourite combo is Cucumber Mint Water:

2. Wash Your Face!! And, Never Go To Bed With Makeup On! 

Again, this is repeat advice but this is so true! Removing your makeup is so important - makeup is the #1 reason your pores get clogged and causes blemishes! Even if you come home and you are tired, you have to wash your face! 
I recommend the Double Cleansing method to really get deep down in to pores and remove all makeup and dirt from the day. 
If you haven't seen my Double Cleansing post, you can view it here

3. Show Your Skin Some Love! 

Personally, I think if you want your skin to be healthy you need to take good care of it. Don't rush through your skincare routine everyday - take your time to apply all products properly and let them absorb in to your skin. 
The Korean Skincare Routine recommends taking as much time in the evening removing makeup and prepping skin, as you do in the morning getting ready. 
I realize some nights we are all just too exhausted to take 20 minutes every night applying products and creams, but when you can, I highly recommend taking 20 minutes and going through the whole skincare routine with great care! (Your skin will love you for it!)
If you haven't seen my Skincare Routine posts, you can view my Daytime Skincare Routine here, and you can view my Nightly Skincare Routine here

4. Weekly Washing: Pillowcases and Makeup Brushes

Both of these are super-important! Your makeup brushes touch everything and they need to be deep cleaned weekly! I make it part of my Saturday House-cleaning routine - since I am already cleaning, it doesn't feel like an added chore! (I also recommend spraying them daily too!). If you want to view my post on my weekly cleansing routine, you can check it out here

Now for your pillowcases- this is some advice that I don't think is out there enough! While I wash my sheets once every two weeks, I make sure to wash my pillowcases weekly! It's just like makeup brushes - think of all the grime and guck that goes on your pillowcases, especially if you happen to share a bed with another person! recommend changing them weekly as skin on your face is so sensitive and the less dirt to clog your pores, the healthier your skin will look and be! 

5. Always Wear Sunscreen! 

Everyday - even in the wintertime, and even if it's cloudy! The sun's ray cause so much damage to your skin.
Sadly, I used to treat my skin so badly with the sun (think unlimited tanning bed hours and slathering on oil to fry out in the sun!). Luckily, this damage has not started to show on my skin and I am now doing everything in my power to hope that it doesn't show! 
Remember to get every part of your body that is exposed (I know quite a few people whose skin cancer starts in their arms - think of how long you sit in your car with the skin blasted on one arm!)
I always use a special "face" sunscreen that is less oily than my regular sun screen (and I like to find ones that don't smell super strong!)

Any other Simple Tips that you follow for healthy skin?

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