Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Wine + Mask Wednesday - Jam Jar Sweet White Wine and Velieve Vita Shining Girlish Mask

Well this Wine + Mask Wednesday could not have come at a better time - I have literally had one of the worst days ever (I will save my readers the details, life just throws some crazy curve-balls once in a while!) Not that I promote drinking as a means of coping, but 1 glass is just fine! 

I usually have a theme for my wine and mask pairing - this week the theme is going to be "after a rough day"! I know this doesn't tie my 2 products in very nicely, but I thought both of them would be a quick pick-me-up!

The Wine of the Week is:

Jam Jar Sweet White ~ $12. This is a South African wine:
"This charming, easy-drinking Moscato offers flavors of peach, apricot, lychee and orange blossom. A lively jolt of acidity keeps it fresh and fruity. Fancy enough for a special occasion toast, yet sweet-natured enough to enjoy every day, this bright and cheerful white wine is sure to capture your heart."

There is nothing better than a Moscato to make a girl feel a little better!

Here is a closer look at the wine:

They aren't kidding when they say sweet white - you have to enjoy a Moscato to like this wine! It is very sweet, but very good! The peach and apricot and very prominent and I will certainly purchase this again! Yum! 

And my mask pairing is:
(sorry stock photo - I realized too late I forgot to take one!)

Velieve Vita Shining Girlish Mask ~ $2.50. 
"The mask contains ascorbic acid and lemon extract which give brightening effect. Protecting various skin troubles and improving dark skin caused by stress and exposed to harmful environment."

I'm not going to lie - these masks are adorable (this cute little vampire cheered me up a little). I chose this mask because my face needed some brightening! 

The mask is the typical sheet mask, and the fit is a little big, but it stayed on snug and didn't move. It didn't have any extra essence left in the wrapping, but the mask was definately saturated!

The steps are easy to use:
1. Wash face and tone
2. Place sheet mask on face 
3. Leave on for 15-20 minutes
4. Peel off
5. Pat excess essence in to skin
6. Complete skincare routine! 

I hope you jumped on the Wine + Mask Wednesday bandwagon! Let me know how your Wine and Mask Wednesday went! 

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