Sunday, March 15, 2015

Skincare Sunday - Weekly Make-up Brush Cleansing

I posted last week about how important it is to clean your make-up brushes - it helps take care of your skin! If you missed my Skincare Sunday post last week, you can view it here (it's all about a daily brush care routine), so this week we will focus on my weekly brush cleaning routine! 

Again, I cannot stress enough how important good brush care is! It cleans all the residue and gunk collected over the week and gets ride of it so it doesn't clog your pores and leads to break-ups! It can be done quickly, and is so worth it! 

Here is the one product I use weekly for my brush cleaning:

Baby shampoo - it is very gentle and I use it on all my brushes! I just use the generic brand and it is very inexpensive!

Here is how I set up my area for weekly brush cleaning:

Start with all the brushes (I line them up so I can be organized!)
Then a sink half-full of baby shampoo and water (some people use buckets, I find this to be easier)
And, a clean cotton towel. 

Here are the steps I follow:
1. Dip the brush in the soapy water:

2. Using your fingers wash out the brush with the soapy water - also, use the palm of your hand to wash the brush up against.

3. Once it is clean, rinse the brush with lukewarm water (this is why I like the sink - the tap is right there!)

4. Shape the bristles how you want the to dry, and lay flat on a clean cotton towel:

5. Repeat with all brushes and tools you have used during the week!

I do everything - even the sponges I have washes during the week! And don't forget about your tweezers, those need to be washed too! 

6. Let dry for a few hours - until everything is dry! 

I hope you are already incorporating a weekly brush routine, but if not this routine is nice a quick! 


  1. I have a terrible habit of letting my brushes pile up on me and come 2 weeks past I'm kicking myself. Never thought to wash the tweezers I just usually rub down with alcohol if I'm gonna pluck something, great idea!

    Kara from

    1. Yes it is easy to forget or ignore brush washing for sure - I always just make it part of my weekly cleaning routine! I think alcohol is as good as cleaning them - I just find it easier as part of my routine!!