Sunday, March 1, 2015

Skincare Sunday: American Toner vs. Korean Toners

Having dry skin, for the longest time I never used toners. Most American brands and very astringent and made my dry skin much worse! I tried a few brands, but nothing that didn't dry out my skin - so I left this step out of my skincare routine! 

When I started receiving Memeboxes last year, one of my first boxes came with a toner. I almost passed it on without trying it; but, as I was doing research in to some of the new products I had never heard of, I found out how different American toners are from Korean toners!

Korean skincare considers Toning to be an essential step in skincare. Korean toners are described as pH balancers and moisturizing - compared to American toners generally meant to strip the skin of oils and be a further cleanser. 

This makes sense why my dry skin did not respond well to American toners - it just made my skin more dry! It also explains why the added layer of a Korean toner has helped improve the dryness in my skin! 

One of the most important ingredients to look for is alcohol - it is incredibly drying to your skin! Most Korean toners should not contain alcohol as they are meant to be moisturizing, but this may not be true for all of them! 

Here are the two toners I am currently using:

I think with the influx of Korean skincare everywhere, American brands may be a little more cautious with the ingredients to make them more comparable! 

So, I am not trying to bash all American brand toners, just to say check the ingredients and make sure this essential step is adding extra moisture in to your daily routine instead of drying out your skin more! 

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