Tuesday, January 20, 2015

January 2015 Rainbow Honey Mini Mystery Bag - Nail Polish Subscription Review

Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag is a nail polish subscription. They have two levels of subscriptions:

Mini Mystery Bag ~ $10 + $6.95 shipping to Canada
Large Mystery Bag ~ $25 + $6.95 shipping to Canada

The Mini bag includes mini size nail polishes and products, the large bag includes the same products but in full size.

Rainbow Honey describes their subscription as:
"Each Mystery Bag has sneak peeks and previews of new lacquers, unreleased samples of future collections and exciting new products made by the Rainbow Honey Lab each month!"

You can also buy a monthly mystery bag individually without signing up for the subscription.

Here is a look at the January 2015 Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag:

It came in a little white mailer all nicely bubble-wrapped. Here is a look at all the goodies inside:

It came with 3 mini sized nail polishes and 3 products. The box also featured a whole page detailed product description:

Here is a closer look at the products:

Lemon Sorbet Mini Polish ~ $5. Inspired by our take of Lemon Italian Ice, Lemon Sorbet is a gorgeous scented glitter topper in a clear base, packed with with micro glitters and white pigments to add sparkle to any manicure.
My take is that this can be used as a glitter overcoat or could easily be used on it's own! I have never had a scented nail polish - it smells like ___. It is super glittery - I like it!! 

Dirty Mintini Mini Polish ~ $5. Following this month's line up is Dirty Mintini; an all minty creme base sprinkled with delicious Belgian chocolate glitters! This creamy mint is perfect for winter! 
I have been liking the textured polished that are on trend right now - this one is a speckled mint green polish! I like how bright this polish color is - I personally think it is a bit more of a spring color than a winter color, but I like it!

Rosey Bot Mini Polish ~ $5. Last, but most definitely not the least, is Rosey Bot; a gorgeous new "palo de rosa" metallic that will join the rest of the robot line up when the collection returns later this year!
I like the metallic/holographic polishes that have been coming out lately - this is super shimmery and awesome!

Lemon Sorbet Nourishing Lip Balm ~ $5. We know how much you love our lip balms and we couldn't help ourselves this month, so we included this new flavor to pair with our new lip sugar scrub! Apply our lip balm, following your sugar scrub treatment for softer, sweeter lips!
I'm loving the lemon sorbet scent! 
This lip balm is great - no complaints here!

Lemon Sorbet Sugar Lip Scrub ~ (new product, no $ yet!) Introducing a brand new lip treatment that's got out entire RH team obsessed! Our new lip sugar scrub, flavored with Lemon Sorbet, deliciously and gently exfoliates the outer surface layers of your lips making your lips smooth, soft and comfortable during this winter season! 
I love lip scrubs - especially in the winter! The Alberta air is always so cold and when it gets cold, it can be pretty drying! This is a welcome product!

Lemon Sorbet Soap Bar ~ (new product, no $ yet) To finish off this month's mystery bag, we've created a brand new spa line soap scented with Lemon Sorbet and topped with calendula petals and dried lemon peel. Use this all body soap or a refreshing and light exfoliating experience. This is part of a lineup of new soaps we are planning to introduce this year!

For $10, I think the Mini Mystery Bag offers a lot - the mini polishes are a decent size as are the other products! I was impressed with this bag - I think it is something I will continue every few months (I'm putting myself on a bit of a subscription box diet!), but I was very happy with it!

Do you receive the Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag subscription? What did you think of the January Bag and new products?

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