Monday, December 22, 2014

Your Bijoux Box - Black Friday Jewellery Box Review

Your Bijoux Box is a monthly jewellery subscription box that delivers 3 pieces of jewellery with over $100 value each month for $35 US + $6 shipping to Canada.

I have received the monthly subscription box a few times and you can see my reviews here.

*This is not the monthly subscription box - on Black Friday, Your Bijoux Box released a special box with 5 pieces of jewellery for $25 (plus $6 shipping to Canada) so I signed up right away as I haven't subscribed to this box in a while! I assumed it would be pieces from boxes over the last year to clear out stock!

Here is a look at the Black Friday Your Bijoux Box:

And here are a look at the 5 pieces of jewellery that came inside:

And here is a closer look at all the pieces (I will not know names and prices as they are not listed so my review will be brief):

This necklace is very bright with teal, pink, and orange beads. I'm undecided on this piece - I actually really like the colors, nut it might be a little to busy for me! I think I need to try it on with a few outfits and decide if I will pass it on or not. 

This is a long tassel necklace - it is a darker metal color with gold and rhinestone accents - again I'm undecided about this piece. I need to try with a few outfits to decide if I will keep it or pass it on.

This a 5 strand gold beaded necklace - each strand is just a little longer than the one above. Now I really like this piece (I didn't take a great photo) but it is very versatile and I can see myself wearing this with quite a few outfits!

two bracelets: One is purple/clear beaded and stretchy and the other is a black stretchy bracelet with a rope look to it. I like the purple one and may try and wear it, I'm just not a huge bracelet person. 

5 pieces for $25 was a good deal - sadly, I just didn't love most of the pieces in the box. Generally I at least like most of the items I have received in the Your Bijoux Box subscription. 

What did you think of this Black Friday box? I'm curious if anyone else signed up and got different items?


  1. I got two boxes and I only had two unique items between the two boxes. Thankfully they are going to send me 4 new items to replace the duplicates. I'm impressed with their customer service in regards to that. I received mostly the same as you in the two boxes.

    1. I agree their customer service is great! I had previously received a broken item and a new one was in the mail right away! That's awesome they are sending you replacement items - $25 was a great deal!