Friday, December 12, 2014

MemeBox #66 Petit Treasures Review and Unboxing + coupon code

Memebox is a Korean Beauty Box company - it is not a monthly subscription box - they instead have a ton you can choose from ranging in price from $15 and up - usually between $23 and $29. (It might be better for me if it was a subscription box because I buy more than 1 per month!!!)

All the boxes have different themes and they are limited quantities and sell out quickly - so if you see one you like, don't hesitate! The boxes come with 4-8 full size and deluxe sample size items & they usually show you 1 spoiler from the box and the rest are all surprises! Shipping to Canada is $6.99 (shipping does take any where from 10-20 business days) and they ship worldwide!

The "Petit Treasure" box was $19 + $6.95 shipping to Canada; it is described as:
Yes, we know. We’re going overhead with our cute cosmetics obsession. But, what can we say? We’ve discovered another batch of rare but beautiful treasures that will give you an A+ in beauty, and this time, they’re all miniature! So petite and cute, yet so intense and effective, these beautifying trinkets will fit your makeup pouch so that you can stay beautiful everyday and everywhere.

Up your game in beauty with petite beauty treasures!

Here is a look at the Petit Treasure Box:

And here is a look inside:

Hmmm, I'm not thrilled that there is only 4 products in the box. Here is a look at what is inside:

Shara Shara Feminine Single Blusher in "Pale Pink" ~ $7 full size. Lovely delicate and pink color offer vitality to dull skin to create girly and blushing cheeks. I feel like I have received a few blushes lately so I am going to keep this one sealed up and pass it on. 

Recipe by Nature Ice Cream Swing Gloss ~ $5. A lip essence gloss that melts on to lips like ice cream and leaves it moist and supple. I do like cute lipglosses - and this one is fine. it smells good and goes on smooth. I prefer lip chap in tubes as opposed to having use my finger but I will use this.

Shara Shara Revital Magic Cream ~ $16 full size. The revital magic cream is the ultimate skin smoothing and repairing formula enriched with eucalyptus oil and 40 different herbal ingredients. It's gentle, non-sticky, and helps smoothen and erase signs of blemish scars and uneven skin texture while brightening and firming the skin for a more youthful-looking complexion. This moistener is very thick and such a different texture! I love how smooth it is and this will become my new night time cream!

ddung Lovely Girl Mascara ~ $24 full size. This is a long lasting and lengthening formula. Here are the after shot of what it looks like on (3 coats, no touch-ups):

So I am really picky about mascara but when I put on 3 coats, I want there to be a big difference! I feel like this one did not add any volume and only a little length - also the brush was not my favorite to use. I did find it a little hard to wash off and it got flaky - not something I will re-use!

This box came with 4 items and a total value of $52 - for $19 + shipping, this is quite a low valued box. I'm not happy with only 4 items. I wish smaller items meant more of them in the box! I am very happy with the cream and will use the lip gloss but the rest is blah. 

Here are the coupon codes you have been waiting for:
$5 coupon code on $30 or more: 1VANSP

If you would like to see my other reviews on past Memeboxes, you can check them out here, and if you would like to sign up for Memebox, I would love it if you used my referral code here:

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