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December 2014 Wantable Accessory Box - Review and Unboxing

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Wantable is a company that offers 3 type of boxes all for the same price. You choose between an Accessory, Make-up or Intimates Box. For $36 US monthly (+ $6 shipping to Canada) you receive 4-5 items selected for you, based on a style quiz.
Wantable has recently branched in to the fitness clothing area as well - however it is not available to Canadians and is not the same approach as the 3 main boxes. 

My history with Wantable has been up and down; however, my last box in October was awesome - so when Wantable sent me another 50% off coupon I thought I would give it another shot!  

So this box is usually $42 for Canadians, and I paid $24. I was very selective with my "loves" and "likes" in hopes I would get items I wanted! 
My loves: Necklaces, Scarves, Silver Tone & Gold Tone
My likes: Classic, Glam, Multi-tone, Watches
Everything else was a dislike - I find it easier to close in on a few items that you are interested in getting.

Here is a look at December Wantable Box:

Wantable describes their picks for the December Box:
Whether you love a few bold statement pieces or piling on daintier necklaces, rings, and bangles, we have the perfect pieces for you. Scarves are by far our favorite winter accessories, so we have cozy knit pieces with plenty of personality. This month we're loving plays on color. Grays and greens pop when paired with a bold plum or red. Jewel tones are a perfect way to inject color into your wardrobe so there are plenty of opulent colors found in this month's pieces. Have fun and experiment with color to create a fabulous fall look all your own. And don't forget about the metals! Distressed gold tones are hot right now. Don't be afraid to mix them in with shinier pieces for a combination of textures to add interest to your look. 

Here is a look at what I got:

3 necklaces and 1 scarf - perfect, what I have narrowed it down to! Here is a closer look at the 4 pieces: 

Meghan Necklace ~ $26. This is a gold chain necklace with gold beads and a geometric design. Here is what it looks like on:

When I first saw this necklace in the box, I wasn't thrilled. But, I but it on and I really like it! It sits at just the right spot on my neck and I think it will be very versatile! 
Here is the second necklace:

Karen Necklace ~ $17. This adorable triplet necklace features three silver bars - this has a longer extender so the length can be a little longer or shorter than in my photo:

I like this piece too - it is very simple. The fact that it is a triple strand makes it little trendier and not too plain. 
And, here is the third necklace:

Jan Necklace ~ $14. Features an adjustable gold chain with a row of blue colored stones. Here is what this necklace looks like on:

This is a nice simple necklace too - I don't wear a lot of blue, but this will go great with quite a few work tops!
Here is the scarf:

Lisa Scarf ~ $36. Super cozy infinity scarf featuring a red and white aztec print. I love this print so much - I am so happy with this scarf! Here is what it looks like on (double looped):

This will be a winter staple for sure - I love this scarf!

This box is $42 for Canadians and came with 4 items valued at $93. Even though I received 3 necklaces, I liked that there was a lot of variety so it didn't feel like anything I got was the same.
When I first subscribed to this box in the summertime, I was not thrilled with the items I had received - the last 2 boxes I got have been great. I see an improvement for sure. 

While I really liked this box, I just personally don't think over $40 per box each month is reasonable - I think it is one I will likely subscribe to every few months when I want some new accessories! 

You can view my past Wantable reviews here and if you are interested in signing up for a box, I would love it if you used my referral  link here: 

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