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October 2014 Eva Scrivo Quarterly Co. Box #EVA01 - Review and Unboxing

Quarterly Co. features quarterly subscription boxes curated by celebrities and personalities you love. The subscriptions range from fashion to food to books and include packages curated by people from Bill Nye to Pharrel Williams to Rosario Dawson, etc. Most packages are $50 but a couple are $100 plus shipping (shipping to Canada is a little hefty on this site - $10-$20 per package so make sure you are signing up for one you really want!).

Eva Scrivo is described as a Make-up Maven and Hair-apist and is regarded as one of today's foremost authorities on beauty. Eva describes her first box as:
My first mailing is themed "backstage beauty", and will contain products, inspiration and how-to techniques for making runway looks practical for your own lifestyle.

This Box was $100 (plus $20 shipping to Canada) - so with the exchange rate I paid $138.51 (+ I was charged $8.25 for COD - which I believed we did not have to pay and I have emailed Quarterly about this!).

Here is a look at Eva Scrivo's first Quarterly Box #EVA01:

And here is the first look inside:

It seems like quite a big box with only a few things in it - here is a closer look at everything that came inside:

One of the things I really enjoy about Quarterly is that they include a few pages from the Curator explaining why they included the selected items:

Here is a closer look at what is inside #EVA01:

Eva Scrivo Leather Headband ~ approximate value $65. This is a soft Italian leather wide band headband. My one concern with getting a hair box was that I can't really pull off hair accessories - I received a size small and it is still too big on me (I have a strangely little head) so it was a bit of a bummer - I will have to pass this on. 

With the headband, Eva included some "styling tips" to show how to wear the headband as well as how to work the metallic trend in other ways:

It feels very personalized to have some pages related to the products themselves; however, I personally find them a little unnecessary. 

Creative Professional Teasing Brush ~ $17.58. This brush was included for teasing and adding volume to the hair - a teasing brush is recommended over a comb for less damage to the hair. This is a product I do not have and will use! 

Kerastase V.I.P. Volume in Powder ~ full size $38. Volume In Powder, also known as V.I.P., is a volumizing and texturizing powder spray used for incredible texture and body. Provides oversized volume and texturized grip while maintaining it's anti-humidity shield. Leaves no residue. I would not normally splurge and buy a $38 hair product - but I will happily use this and hope it works for me!

This box also includes a how-to guide on the perfect ponytail:

It is an easy to follow, step by step guide to follow. Here is what the final result is supposed to look like:

And, I am going to embarrass myself right now with this display of my incompetence, this is what my result is following this guide:

Ya, you actually need to be decent at hair to pull off this cute ponytail (also, my hair is super-fine so it's not the easiest to style!) - let's just say it's a work in progress and my hair went straight in to my go-to side braid instead! 

Obliphica Professional Seaberry Serum ~ full size $38. This is meant to hydrate, smooth, and protect hair - it is made for fine to medium hair (yay!). I find most products weigh down my hair; however, this is very smooth and lightweight. It makes my hair feel great - and again I would not normally splurge on a hair product so I will take it!

Morgan Taylor Nail Lacquer in "Give me Gold" ~ full size $4.25. The bottles are also designed to make your job easier, with easy to open ergonomic caps and wide professional brushes that allow you to coat the entire nail bed with fewer strokes. This is on theme with the metallic trend Eva is showing in this box - and this is a new brand to me and the color is super shimmery - I love it! Although, I did recently receive a similar polish in another box, but since I do wear a lot of sparkly polish i might keep this - I am undecided!

Armour Lip Gloss in "Stardust" ~ full size $21. Sheer /clear with gold glitter. Wear alone layer over any opaque shade. This a very fine glitter - to me it has just the right shimmer to it - it doesn't look like overkill glitter when the gloss is on. I like the suggestion of wearing it over another color too!

And lastly, Eva included two more "how-to's". One is a recipe for a salad - Eva is really in to food as well so this was neat to include. The second is a how-to on prepping your hair for blow drying to add more volume. I will test this out one day when I have enough time to fully dry my hair!! 

I paid about $140 for the box and received $183.83 worth of products. I did like the majority of the items I received (although the headband was worth around $65 and will need to be passed on). I also did like the personalized touches and including some hair how-to's were great (even if I can't do it!). 

I'm a little up in the air though - I'm just not sure if a "hair" box is really for me personally and it is quite pricey and $100 per quarter - I would have been happier with the value if this was a $50 box. I may stick around and try 1 more just to see what it will be like!

Eva's next box is set to ship in December (although I do notice with Quarterly, the boxes tend to get pushed back by a month or so!) and the theme will be "Radiant Beauty - Glowing Skin and Hair".

Did you sign up for #EVA01? What did you think of this box?

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