Wednesday, October 8, 2014

October 2014 Wantable Accessory Box - Review and Unboxing

Wantable is a company that offers 3 type of boxes all for the same price. You choose between an Accessory, Make-up or Intimates Box. For $36 US monthly (+ $6 shipping to Canada) you receive 4-5 items selected for you, based on a style quiz.
Wantable has recently branched in to the fitness clothing area as well - however it is not available to Canadians and is not the same approach as the 3 main boxes. 

I have subscribed to Wantables in the past (you can see my reviews here) and did not really receive items I was happy with so I unsubscribed. At the end of September, Wantable sent me an email with a 50% off code to come back for October and try another month - and frankly, I can't turn down 50% off on anything! So I re-signed up for the Accessory Box. 

So this box is usually $42 for Canadians, and I paid $24 ($27.47 with the exchange rate). I was very selective with my "loves" and "likes" in hopes I would get items I wanted! 
My loves: Necklaces, Scarves, Silver Tone & Gold Tone
My likes: Classic, Glam, Multi-tone
Everything else was a dislike - I was just trying to be clear that all I want are scarves and necklaces!!

The shipping was very fast for this box - and I received it before some of my September boxes!
Here is a look at my October 2014 Wantable Accessory Box:

My first thought is - yay! finally a scarf! The theme of this month is all about bold shapes and statements. 

Some of the jewellery is from Emily Maynard's jewellery line (from the Bachelorette) this month. Here is a look at the contents:

Excellent - 2 scarves and 2 necklaces! My settings have finally worked! Here is a closer look at all the items I received:

Emma Scarf ~ $18. Ombre pink infinity scarf - 3 of my favorite things all in one (and surprisingly I do not have a pink infinity scarf yet!). Here is what it looks like on:

I love this - by far my favorite item in the box!

Aria Scarf ~ $21. This is another infinity scarf - navy blue with a little bit of sheen in the fabric! Yay another infinity scarf and here is what it looks like on:

This is really nice - I like the navy color and it is a perfect length.

Cate & Chloe Audrey Circle Necklace ~ $64. Cate & Chloe is a jewellery subscription box company that offers $200 worth of jewellery for $39.99. I haven't tried this company yet so it is exciting to get a piece of jewellery from them. Here is a look:

This is definitely not a piece I would pick for myself; however, I actually quite like it! Here is what it looks like on:

I think it is the perfect length and looks good on. It's fun getting a piece that I wouldn't select for myself and am happy to wear it!

Belle Necklace ~ $26. A mix of sapphires and rhinestones against burnished metal. Here is what it looks like on:

This is a good length as well - I'm not 100% sold on it but I think with the right top or dress it could look really great. I am going to keep it and find something to wear with it. 

I received 4 items worth $129 in my Wantables Accessory Box. I can say that I am much happier with this box then the last few Wantable boxes and I will use all of the items I received. I still do think that this is a bit of an expensive box for each month - I have skipped next month and think I may try this one every few months! 

Do you get a Wantables Box? What do you think of the October Box?

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