Friday, October 17, 2014

October 2014 Mod Cloth Style Surprise (2 Dresses)

Ever since I have heard of the Mod Cloth "Style Surprise" I have been waiting for them to come back out so I can get my hands on one (or two...)!

The "Style Surprise" is $10 and you select either a top, dress, or a pair of shoes. Then you wait for your package to come in the mail and get your surprise!!! 

By the time I got to this style surprise, there was only dresses left (I would have loved to get a top too)! I ordered 3 dresses (1 for a friend and 2 for me) and the shipping was $8. So all together, with the shipping and exchange rate I paid about $14 a dress.

Here are my Mod Cloth Style Surprises:

Doe and Rae Dress ~ I couldn't find this dress on Mod Cloth for a retail value and the Doe and Rae site is hard to navigate as they only sell dresses wholesale. I did find a Doe and Rae dress on Mod Cloth - it was originally $47.99, on sale for $13. 
This dress is very cute, I'm just not sure it is my style. It is very Mod Cloth and retro style - I think I am going to try and keep it to see if I can pull it off!

Here is what it looks like on:

And here is my second Style Surprise:

Papermoon Maxi Dress ~ again this dress wasn't on Mod Cloth and the Papermoon website is also very hard to navigate. I was able to find a Papermoon dress on Mod Cloth for original $239.99, on sale for $71.99. Also Papermoon has been featured on Stitch Fix to keep for about $78.
I really love this dress - 1) I love maxis and 2) I love when maxis are long enough for me!
Here is what this dress looks like on:

I am actually quite happy with my first Mod Cloth Style Surprise! I will definitely jump on these when I see them again - next time I'm hoping for shoes and a top too!
I think both of the dresses were good values! 

Did you guys get any Style Surprises this month?


  1. I LOVE the first dress! The maxi is super cute too. I am so sad I totally missed out on ANY chance of the sale :( Maybe next time :)

    1. yes - they go sooo fast! sold out super quick!