Tuesday, June 17, 2014

June 2014 Wantable Accessory Box - Review and Unboxing

This is my second month receiving Wantable, my experience last month wasn't the greatest so I changed my preferences and hoped for better this month!

Wantable gives you the option to pick an accessory, intimate, or make-up box all for the same price every month. For $36 US a month + $6 shipping and taxes etc. I paid $53.23 with the exchange rate. 
Also, lets say last month I got a "full refund" from Wantable so I spent nothing. I like that they offered a refund; however, did not include the $6 handling charge + shipping was at your expense ($16.42). So lets say I spent $0 for my June box - my total this month with the box, last months handling fees, and shipping is $76.42.

So lets see what I got for $75! The theme of the box is items to wear to festivals, barbecues, beach - it also highlights turquoise as the staple color. Here is the first look at my June 2014 Wantable Accessory Box:
June 2014 Wantable Accessory Box
So my "loves" I selected are: necklaces, sunglasses, scarves, silver tone, and gold tone. My "likes" are classic, glam and multi tone. I am glad this month they picked 4 months from my love list and not from my like or dislike box!

Here is a breakdown of my items:
first pair of sunglasses
The Kayla Sunglasses - $17. These glasses feature a tortoise inspired design accented with rhinestones. These are my least favorite item in the box just because of the rhinestones - I think I will put these in my gift pile!

Second item:
second pair of sunglasses
The Ellie Sunglasses - $18. They are classic, oval shape accented with minimal metallic details. These are a little bigger than what I normally where, but I do really like them and will definitely wear them this summer!

Next item:
third pair of sunglasses
The Hilary Sunglasses - $18. Described as a staple classic shade. These are my favorite sunglasses in this box by far - they fit my face very well. I will being wearing these a lot this summer!!

And, my last item:
my last item
The Tiffany Necklace - $24. Described as a simple glam necklace with coral stones on a gunmetal chain. I have been waiting for a damn necklace like this - this is what I wanted last month!!! I love this - the length is perfect and it can be worn to work, casual everyday and dressed up more with a nice dress! This is by far my favorite piece in this box!

So, I "paid" $76.42 (usually around $53) and received $77 worth of accessories - i will wear 3 out of 4 of them, and will find someone to enjoy the other sunglasses! I can say I picked sunglasses as a love this month so I could get 1 pair for summer - i wasn't expecting 3 but I happy all the items came off of my love list. I am just not convinced that for the price of this box I should be getting it! I have decided to skip the month of July to see what else is out there and will see how I feel again in August/September.

If you want to sign up for Wantable - feel free to sign up with my referral link here: https://www.wantable.com/invite/Y1NAu73mNPA