Wednesday, May 28, 2014

May 2014 Wantable Accessory Box - Review and Unboxing (and it's not very good...)

I was really excited about the idea about Wantable. For $36 a month (plus shipping outside the U.S.) you can choose an accessory, make-up, or intimates box. The boxes are customized to the preferences you select during the questionaire. 
The part i really like about Wantable is that you can skip a month at anytime, as often as you choose, or pick between boxes you want every month.

I read the reviews on the Accessory Box and was very excited - looked like everyone received a great mix of scarves, necklaces, sunglasses, watches, ect. so I was really excited to try it out!

My May box cost $36 + $6 shipping + a few $ in tax and duty. My total in Canadian was $52.60. To spend that much on a box I am expecting some good stuff!

So my first issue with Wantable was the shipping - originally the package shipped on the 9th or the 10th and sent me a tracking #. On the 13th I noticed that on the tracking information it said "returned to sender". Wantable did not contact me - i had to contact them to see what was happening - i then got informed that there was an "issue with a batch of international orders and yours was one of them". Then I was informed that they would be resent out soon. No new tracking information sent at all. I received my package on the  26th which was pretty fast for a re-send so i was excited to dig in!!

First I will show you what my preferences look like:
My Wantable Accessory Preferences
The package comes really nice in a little box and every thing in little black bags well packaged inside. 

The box description stated it is all about getting ready for summer - the favorite trend is bold pastels like mint or more saturated colors of coral and teal. Also metals in a variety of finishes with bright enamel or a hammered look.
Sounds good, right?? I was excited for something mint or teal or something pretty - it was all down hill from this point on. Here is my accessory box:
My May 2014 Wantable Accessory Box
I really feel like i drew the short straw here!
I had been reading a few reviews from people who recieved their boxes way earlier in the month and they got beautiful scarves, pretty statement necklaces, ect. And this is what i got. I'm not sure any of the style catergories these pieces fall in to - but i should note that i put bracelets on the "like" list because I don't wear them often.
Also , I got this box because it is supposed to be an "accessory box". I already get a full jewellery box every month, so I was expected this to be a better variety.

So enough of my complaining for now, I will show you the pieces:
The Fara Bracelet
First up: The Fara Bracelet $16
This is described as a comfortable stretch design of mulitcolored beads in shades of lavender, plum and taupe. The plum beads already had some color peeling and it just doesn't do anything for me. 

The Adeline Bracelet
The Adeline Bracelet $28
Described as a hinged gold tone bangle with a beautiful wavy design. So the hinge did not line up properly and it wasn't very special - I think a bracelet should have a little wow factor to get me to wear it, this just didn't do it. There is no way i would walk in to a store and pay $28 for this, in fact I would look right by it.

The Matilda Necklace
The Matilda Nacklace $28
Described as a beautiful mulit-toned piece accented with rhinestone rings.
This is the most WTF piece for me - i have no idea in my preferences where this fits in at all - i cannot say I would ever wear this. It is completely not my style at all.

So I was told that Wantable has a good return policy if you do not like your box (which is great most subscription companies have no retuurn policy) - so I emailed them. Now i normally would not complain if there was at least one item i loved in this box - i would just sell everything else on my facebook auctions. But honestly with this box i feel like i would not even be able to make back a quarter of what i paid for this box!

So the Company did tell me they would refund my money - however because I am an international customer I will have to pay for the shipping. Then i will wait 2-4 days after my box has arrived for my money back. So fine, i will return this at a small cost to myself to get a full refund back. Then they kindly suggested I could reorder another box - i think they forgot they originally f*cked up on my shipping so that isn't really an option for this month.

So needless to say I am not happy with my Wantable box in the slightest - but I guess it isn't all bad that they are willing to refund the box for me.

I would like to give it another shot so I went and completely changed my preferences so hopefully my June Box is better than May!

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